WATCH: O'Reilly Suggest Glee Turns Kids Gay

WATCH: O'Reilly Suggest Glee Turns Kids Gay

Bill O'Reilly is at again, suggesting to his Fox News audience that the TV show Glee somehow turns kids gay or transgender.

O'Reilly was joined in his opinions by talking head Gretchen Carlson, who appeared on his show on Thursday. Both O'Reilly and Carlson agreed that Glee was good entertainment, but they felt it went too far with LGBT issues. O'Reilly said as a child he was influenced to smoke by James Dean, so the same may be true of kids today watching gay teens like the one portrayed by actor Darren Criss (seen above).

Carlson sighed when she saw a clip of a teen cross-dressing, saying that it complicated her life because she now has to explain to her child what a transgender person is. She also added that today's kids were experimenting with homosexuality because celebrities "do it on the side," because of "drug-fueled" binges.

Luckily, Judge Jeanine Pirro was there to dispute O'Reilly and Carlson's assertions, almost laughing herself out of her chair. Watch the clip below.

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