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Racer: Bar Gays From Dancing on TV

Racer: Bar Gays From Dancing on TV

Former Formula One racing world champion and airline mogul Niki Lauda
is taking some heat for saying that gays and lesbians should be barred
from dancing on television.

Lauda, 61, said in an interview that gay actor and television personality Alfons Haider should not perform with another man (straight professional dancer Balazs Ekke) on the next season of Dancing With the Stars in Austria.

"All I want is that children and teenagers don't get to see the wrong role models in dancing," Lauda said, according to Reuters. "There are so many good things in our culture and one of those is that men dance with women. At this rate we will soon have to be saying sorry because we are heterosexual."

He added that he has nothing against gay people and that he even has some gay people working for his airline, Fly Niki.

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