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Church Leaders Threaten to "Remove" Anyone Who Supports SB 48

Church Leaders Threaten to "Remove" Anyone Who Supports SB 48

 Proponents of repealing a California law that requires schools to teach LGBT history met at church earlier this week, and kicked any opponents off the property, KTLA news reports.

"They said there's not room for debate," said Milton Davis, one of the gay men kicked out the church where religious leaders had come to gather and pray for repeal of SB 48. "We said we understand that, we don't want to, we just like to listen. They said that they didn't want us on the property at all, period."

Davis said he and others, including a rabbi, were told that people at the church would "remove" them if they didn't leave on their own.

The pastor of the church insisted there's nothing wrong with this picture when he spoke to a KTLA news reporter.

"This is not about us hating anyone, or being homophobic or guilty of bigotry," said Xavier Thompson, pastor for Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, where the rally was held. "We believe you cannot sexualize history."

The law does not require homosexual sex be taught, rather that stories about leaders of the gay rights movement be included in lesson plans.

Church leaders and their allies have until October 12 to collect 504,760 signatures needed to put the question of repeal on the ballot in 2012.

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