Robo-Call: Don’t Vote for “Homosexuality and Mitt Romney”

Robo-Call: Don’t Vote for “Homosexuality and Mitt Romney”

 An antigay robo-call promoting Rick Santorum that went out in advance of the Ohio primary last month was resurrected for Tuesday’s Wisconsin race.

The call, sponsored by a group called Jews and Christians Together, asks people to “vote for social sanity and Rick Santorum, not for homosexuality and Mitt Romney.” It continues, “Rick Santorum is the only candidate who can be trusted to uphold traditional marriage, a straight military, and the rights of American children to have both a mother and a father.”

On her show Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow said she was skeptical of earlier reports about the call because it seemed so “freakishly strange,“ but she now believes it’s real. She wondered if it would make voters believe Romney has a running mate called “homosexuality.“

Apparently the call will go out again as the primary season continues. The website of Jews and Christians Together refers to an “ongoing robo-call campaign” and portrays Romney as a supporter of LGBT equality and abortion rights — hardly accurate characterizations, at least currently. Despite the call, Romney won Wisconsin, with 44% of the vote to Santorum’s 37%.

Watch Maddow’s report on the call here. Her discussion of it begins at about the 1:50 mark.

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