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WATCH: Florida's New 'Gay' License Plates Have Residents Feeling Decidedly Not Gay


Some Florida residents are not pleased with a batch of newly issued state license plates that inadvertently have the word “GAY” written on them. One Florida man is even planning to return his plates.

Winter Park resident Craig Lukas recently bought a 2016 Volvo from a local dealership, but expressed concern over the car’s license plate upon seeing that the first three letters spell out “GAY,” reports television station WFTV. 

“There are plenty of combinations out there the state could have used,” Lukas told WFTV, which reports that he thinks the license plates are “slightly offensive” and that the state of Florida should have been “more sensitive.” “Definitely an oversight on the part of the state, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

The dealership offered to change Lukas’s license plates, but every plate they had displayed the word “GAY” on it, the station reports.

Lukas is seeking to exchange his “GAY” plates, a request the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says it can accommodate for any vehicle owner.

Watch the report from WFTV in the video below.

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