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22 Drag Queens Answer: ‘What’s Your Favorite Comfort Food?’

Drag Food

Twenty-one Democratic nominees were all asked the same 18 random questions by The New York Times last week. From the death penalty, to personal heros, to the amount of sleep they each get every night, the questions spanned a variety of topics.

But perhaps the most polarizing question was: “What is your comfort food on the campaign trail?”

From Cory Booker’s “Veggies-on-the-go” to Julian Castro’s “I don’t have a comfort food, I have a comfort drink, which is iced tea,” some of the answers were truly bizarre.  

The internet wasn’t having it, and dragged many of the candidates for their answers.

We decided to charge some of our favorite drag divas to answer the same comfort question themselves:

Alaska Thunderfuck:
“White wine and weed. Those aren’t foods.”

Vicky Vox:
“There used to be this venue in Australia Called the Grey Hound and to this day I crave their potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. Detox once FaceTimed when she was there on tour just to make me jealous. But my go to is either mashed potatoes or mac and cheese.”

Lady Bunnyx750

Lady Bunny (above):

Latrice Royale:
“Anywhere I can find a cobb salad because it’s usually late night fried crap.”

“Mike and Ike. Original fruit!”

Bianca Del Rio:

Marti Gould Cummings:
“French fries.”

Mrs. Kasha Davisx750

Mrs. Kasha Davis (above):

“I actually starve myself when I travel.”

Pixie Aventura:
“I would say anything Latin, which doesn’t mean Mexican. I’m talking Caribbean... Rice, beans, sweet plantain, chicken.”

“Soft pretzels.”

“Fried chicken and mac and cheeeeeese.”

Nina Westx750

Nina West (above):
“I love seaweed chips.”

Sassy Frass Meaner:
“Bananas, and coconut water but that’s not a food.”

Brittany Lynn:
“It was Royal Farms chicken. Now that I’m on keto it’s pork rinds and keto coffee.”

Jinkx Monsoonx750

Jinkx Monsoon (above):
“Either Easy Mac with hot sauce, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

“Popeye’s Chicken or anything BBQ… I’m from Texas!”

Mimi Imfurst:

Athena Dion:
“Pringles. Original.”

Jackie Beatx750

Jackie Beat (above):

Nicole Paige Brooks:

Sherry Vine:

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