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Did You Know ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ Influencer Caitlin Covington Is an LGBTQ+ Ally?

Did You Know ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ Influencer Caitlin Covington Is an LGBTQ+ Ally?

Caitlin Covington

Because we didn't.


As the autumn breeze sweeps in, Caitlin Covington, the face of the viral ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ meme, welcomes the fall season with delightful pumpkin-themed decor, embracing the essence of autumn once again. In a TikTok video shared earlier this week, Covington unveiled her seasonal front door decor adorned with whimsical pumpkins, announcing the return of autumn in a charming and timely manner.

This seasonal celebration evokes the spirited ambiance of fall and resonates with the enduring narrative of allyship that unfolded between Covington and the meme’s creator, trans social media influencer Blizzy, a few years back.


She’s backkkk 🎃🎃🎃 #fallfrontporch #fallfrontporchdecor #autumnaesthetic

The ‘Christian Girl Autumn’ meme, a digital sensation in 2019, featured Covington alongside blogger Emily Gemma, both clad in the quintessential fall attire. The playful meme, created by Blizzy, served as a whimsical segue from "Hot Girl Summer" to "Christian Girl Autumn," capturing the internet’s fancy and propelling Covington into the realms of internet stardom.

Covington became the face of the meme after Blizzy used a random photo she found while searching for "Christian girl outfits" on Google to make the "Hot Girl Summer" joke.

As reported by Insider, the viral wave also carried a tide of unwarranted assumptions concerning Covington’s and Gemma’s political and religious stances, with numerous online commentators hastily pegging them as conservative Republicans. The meme’s light-hearted portrayal and the duo’s autumnal attire steered the stereotyping.

However, the narrative took a heartwarming turn when Blizzy embarked on her transition journey. The ensuing financial hurdles prompted Blizzy to launch a GoFundMe campaign, seeking support to alleviate the costs of her transition. Covington ended up donating $500, also urging her followers to rally behind Blizzy's cause and support her.

In 2021, a viral tweet also highlighted Covington's allyship and support for Blizzy, as noted by Into.

Now, as the mother of two cheerfully heralds the arrival of fall with her Pumpkin-themed decor on social media, the tale of her enduring allyship with Blizzy continues to resonate, showcasing the meaningful human connections that can blossom amidst the playful engagements of internet culture.

As for Blizzy, while her celebrity has continue to grow, she did share in an interview with Paper the difficulties of being a trans woman influencer, which has contrasted to Covington's lucrative deals she's gotten off of her fall influencer status. Still, Blizzy highlighted the success she's had and the continued opportunities her social media work has gotten her.

In a recent tweet of one of Covington's recent videos, Blizzy playfully wrote "that's my daughta."

The story serves as a warming narrative, just as comforting as a pumpkin spice latte amidst the crisp autumn air.

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