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10 Things to Fear About 'President Trump'


LGBT stars and allies share their fears for marriage equality, women's rights, immigration, and more at Fred and Jason's Halloweenie.


At the 11th annual Fred and Jason's Halloweenie -- a costume party supports the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles -- the special guests were dressed to impress and terrify Friday night at the California Science Center.

But for this crowd of LGBT folks and allies, the scariest specter of the evening was the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president. Stars including Lance Bass, Frankie Grande, Plastic Martyr, Marie Wilson (Days of Our Lives), Kitty Brucknell, Emerson Collins (The People's Couch), Blake McIver (The People's Couch), Brian Justin Crum (America's Got Talent), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Lauren Ash (Superstore), Nico Santos (Superstore), and Westopher Ferguson share their greatest fears for what might happen if the Republican nominee wins the White House.

1. Immigration

Several of the guests at Halloweenie -- particularly those born in other nations -- pointed to immigration as an area of grave concern.

"I'm Canadian, and I'm here on a green card, so I feel like what would scare me most is that I would be deported," said Lauren Ash (Superstore). "That's a real answer, and it's a real fear. I can't vote in this election because I'm not a citizen, so I hope people come through to protect us. Vote! Save me from deportation!"

Her Superstore costar Nico Santos agreed. "I myself am an immigrant," he said. "I moved here when I was 16, and his stance on immigration is insane. I pretty much disagree with everything he believes in fundamentally, so LGBT, women's rights, there's nothing that man stands for that I can agree with."

However, Marie Wilson (Days of Our Lives) points out there is also an advantage to having citizenship elsewhere. "Let's just say I'm glad I'm Canadian," she said.

2. International Standing

"The most horrifying aspect is how the rest of the world would perceive us," said Emerson Collins (The People's Couch). "We consider that he's dangerous to literally every category of people in America. But I think the international damage to our reputation or our ability to influence human rights around the world would be lost permanently."

"It's scary enough that he played my dad in a movie [Little Rascals] and people associate us together," added Blake McIver (The People's Couch). "That's the most frightening thing. I'm like, no! I'm not anything like that! ... He's not my dad!"

3. Same-Sex Marriage

A photo posted by Lance Bass (@lancebass) on

Lance Bass, standing alongside his husband, Michael Turchin, on the black carpet, expressed worries that his marriage would be in jeopardy under a Trump presidency. Indeed, Trump has vowed to appoint antigay justices to the Supreme Court who might threaten its future.

"Mainly, they're gonna be trying to fight to take my marriage away," said the Finding Prince Charming host. "I don't want to fight that the next five to 10 years, so please, let's just get [Hillary] Clinton in so we don't have to deal with that."

4. Women's Rights

Some of the most unsettling reports from the election cycle have come from women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. His unearthed remarks to Billy Bush, in which he said he would grab women by the genitalia, also disturbed many voters.

"I need to watch my ass and my boobs," said singer Kitty Brucknell. "I'd be like, no, stay away! He just creeps me out. ... He's just really derogatory towards women. It really terrifies me. ... I'm British, I can't even vote, so I have to live with whatever decision you give. You gotta vote!"

5. LGBT Rights

Despite Trump's profession of support for the "LGBTQ" community, his opposition to nationwide marriage equality, his pledge to nominate antigay judges to the Supreme Court, his choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as running mate, and his party's anti-LGBT national platform have many LGBT people losing sleep.

"It's very possible he could take away rights from the LGBT community," said actress and trans activist Plastic Martyr. "Aside from that, having a man with that kind of tan in the White House. I don't think orange goes well with white."

6. Trickle-Down Hate

Since Trump entered the presidential race, his racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric has emboldened white nationalist groups and encouraged a rise in bullying in U.S. schools. Brian Justin Crum (America's Got Talent) pointed out that this problem could be even more magnified under a Trump presidency.

"A hateful human being leading our country, from the top down, breeds more and more hate. So I'm moving to Canada if that happens," he said.

7. Other Americans

Hillary Clinton came under fire for blasting the "basket of deplorables" who are attracted to Trump's racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic messaging. Yet there's no doubt that there are voters who would cast their ballots under the influence of these prejudices. Because of this, his win could erode one's faith in fellow citizens.

"I would lose all faith in the country that I'm a part of. That would scare me the most, that there [are] enough people in this country that could elect him," Frankie Grande said, adding, "There can't be that many ignorant people in this country. It's not possible."

8. Democracy

Could the future of democracy be at stake if Trump becomes CEO of America?

"It's one step away from a dictatorship in my mind," said Westopher Ferguson (The RichyRich & Westopher Show).

9. Careers

Since Halloweenie is a Los Angeles event, there's also the careers of actors to consider, many of whom find work through impersonations.

"I voted for Hillary eight years ago in the primary because I knew she would be better for my career than Obama," said Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), who dressed as Hillary Clinton for the event. "Not that I've done poorly with Obama in office, but I just knew I can play Hillary much easier. I've had pantsuits in line waiting for this moment. I cannot wait to play her for the next four to hopefully eight years."

10. The Future

Above all, the guests at Halloweenie expressed fears for the future of the nation if Trump were to be elected.

"It's tragic. I feel like we're a laughingstock, and it feels like we're going back to 1962. I just foreshadow this horrible future for us if that happens," said Harvey Guillen (The Internship).

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Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.
Daniel Reynolds is the editor of social media for The Advocate. A native of New Jersey, he writes about entertainment, health, and politics.