Chelsea Clinton Shuts Down Fox News Contributor Who Went After Her and Hillary

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton

The Five airs nightly on Fox News and regularly features a roundtable of pundits sharing their views. On Friday night's episode, the conversation veered into the Russia scandal, during which the hosts heatedly debated the consequences of a possible Trump impeachment.


During a particularly heated exchange, panelist Lisa Marie Boothe took the conversation a step further by suggesting that Hillary Clinton would "sell her daughter" to become president of the United States.

The next morning, Hillary's daughter, Chelsea, took to Twitter to dispute the absurd suggestion and praise her mother as a parent.

For the most part, Twitter had Chelsea's back...

Even author Anne Rice came to Hillary and Chelsea's defense.

Actress Alyssa Milano weighed in with support as well.

She suggested that Chelsea's response is a perfect demonstration of Michelle Obama's inspiring motto from last year's Democratic National Convention.


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