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Right-Winger's Latest Betes Noires: Gay Athletes and Obama

Right-Winger's Latest Betes Noires: Gay Athletes and Obama


Right-wing leader Bryan Fischer thinks NFL teams would be right in keeping gays away, and President Obama should be impeached for supporting marriage equality.

Leading homophobe Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has had plenty to rant about this week: He says the presence of gays in pro team sports would cause a "grenade-like explosion" and that President Obama should be impeached over his administration's refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Fischer made the former statement on his radio show Thursday, discussing reports that National Football League owners and coaches were querying college players about their sexual orientation. He thinks that's a good thing. See video below, courtesy of People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

The latter came in a column published Friday, as the Obama administration and many other interested parties weighed in on marriage equality cases the Supreme Court will hear later this month. In the AFA's online publication One News Now, he wrote, "The president is now openly pledged to fight against natural marriage in court, by arguing against California's Proposition 8. He has also committed an impeachable offense by refusing to defend DOMA in court, even though it is one of the laws of the land he took an oath to 'execute faithfully.'"

The president, however, has many people on his side, as many Democratic and Republican politicians, business leaders, labor unions, and even pro football players have filed friend of the court briefs urging the court to strike down Prop. 8 and DOMA. The court will hear a case challenging Prop. 8 March 26 and one challenging DOMA March 27.

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