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Ukrainian LGBT Pride Event Blocked

Ukrainian LGBT Pride Event Blocked

A court in Kiev, Ukraine, has blocked what would have been the nation’s first LGBT pride march, set to take place Saturday.

The court Thursday upheld a complaint by city authorities that cited worries about security at the event, Reuters reports. Organizers said they would find another way to express their concerns.

“A year ago, gay activists canceled similar plans for a rally in Kiev at the last minute, saying they had received threats of violence,” the news service reports. “One of the organizers was beaten up by a group of men in broad daylight the same day.”

Ukraine, like many former Soviet republics, is less than tolerant of LGBT people. Many citizens follow the antigay dogma of the state Orthodox Church, and the Ukrainian Parliament has delayed passing a law banning antigay discrimination. The Parliament also considered but ultimately tabled a law against “promotion” of homosexuality, similar to that enacted by the city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Such laws have the effect of banning any positive public discussion of LGBT issues.

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