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Butler University President Says Lawmakers Damaged Indiana

Butler University President Says Lawmakers Damaged Indiana

The president of Butler University in Indiana is calling on state lawmakers for "immediate action" to fix the "damage done" by passing a license to discriminate law.

It's that time of year when thousands of students are receiving acceptance letters in the mail. Would LGBT students feel welcome in Indiana? Or would they feel more comfortable picking a university in another state?

Butler president James Danko says he's heard from many prospective students and parents who've "expressed concerns," so he issued a lengthy statement in response on Sunday, calling the law "ill conceived legislation at best."

"It is our sincere hope that those around the country with their ears turned toward our Hoosier state hear just one thing loud and clear — the united voice of millions who support inclusion and abhor discrimination," wrote Danko, whose university is based in Indianapolis.

The law has harmed the state, Danko says.

"While I have read a variety of opinions and rationale for RFRA, it strikes me as ill-conceived legislation at best," he wrote, "and I fear that some of those who advanced it have allowed their personal or political agendas to supersede the best interests of the State of Indiana and its people. No matter your opinion of the law, it is hard to argue with the fact it has done significant damage to our state."

Read the complete statement on the following page.


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