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WATCH: Far-Right Pundits Call for Taking Down LGBT Pride Flag

WATCH: Far-Right Pundits Call for Taking Down LGBT Pride Flag

Perhaps we should have seen it coming — in the wake of calls for Southern states to stop flying the Confederate battle flag after the mass killing at an African-American church in South Carolina, some right-wingers are urging an end to displays of the LGBT pride flag, which they claim symbolizes bigotry toward Christians.

Never mind that many Christians are accepting of LGBT people or are LGBT themselves, or that no one will be convinced by the far right’s rhetoric regarding the flag — these commentators are taking advantage of the moment to spew their homophobic hatred.

On his Focal Point radio show today, Bryan Fischer shared what Right Wing Watch sarcastically called “his typically well-reasoned and insightful thoughts” on the matter.

“If we are going to remove symbols of oppression from our culture,” he said, “if we come to the point where we say any flag that represents bigotry, any flag that represents hatred, any flag that represents slavery or oppression needs to be removed, then I want to suggest to you that the next flag to go ought to be the rainbow flag of the Gay Reich.”

The “gay lobby” has “a flag just like the Nazis had their flag,” Fischer added, and it represents “slavery and oppression and bigotry and prejudice and bias.”

Also condemning the pride flag was contributor John Nolte, described by The New Civil Rights Movement as the author of “some of the more unhinged articles” at the site founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, a conservative who supported LGBT rights.

“Under the banner of what is dishonestly called a gay pride or gay ‘rights’ flag, hate, fascism, and intolerance has festered for years, specifically against Christians and conservatives,” Nolte wrote on the site today.

“Under this banner of hate,” he continued, “people are outed against their will, terrorized out of business merely for being Christian, bullied and harassed for thoughtcrimes; moreover, ‘hate crimes’ are being manufactured to keep us divided, Christians are refused service, death threats are hurled, and Christianity is regularly smeared as hate speech.” Individuals should be able to fly the flag if they wish, but it has no place on government buildings, he said.

Nolte also sent out several tweets about the flag, as did some less well-known Twitter users. See some samples below, along with a clip from Fischer’s program.







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