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DNC's Gay Finance Leader Steps Down

Out DNC Finance Leader Stepping Down

Out philanthropist Henry Muñoz is stepping down as National Finance Chair for the Democratic National Committee after holding the post for six years.

Muñoz told Politico he would leave the role as the party gears up for the 2020 presidential election. During his time at DNC finance helm, he raised $600 million for Democrats.

During that period, Muñoz notably founded the Latino Victory Project with actress Eva Longoria. He plans to continue his activism promoting Latino candidates and engaging more voters to participate in the political process. But he will do so in an informal capacity.

“2020 will be one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime, and I’m energized as ever to keep working with the DNC and Latinx advocates across the country to ensure we soundly defeat Donald Trump and take back state houses from coast to coast," Muñoz said in a statement.

Longoria also praised Muñoz in a statement to Politico.

“As my own political mentor, I have watched him organize and create paths for the next generation of Latinos,” Longoria said. “I have no doubt, as he moves on to his next endeavor, he will continue to help this Latino mobilization movement he has created.”

In 2017, former Vice President Joe Biden officiated Muñoz’s wedding to Kyle Ferrari.

Muñoz recently stood up for Biden while the presidential candidate faced scrutiny over accusations of unwelcome interaction with Nevada politician Lucy Flores at a Latino Victory Project event.

South Florida attorney Chris Korge, a major Democratic fundraiser who chaired John Kerry’s finance team in 2004, will take over as the DNC’s National Finance Chair on an interim basis.

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