Larger than life

Larger than life

A couple of
months ago Kristanna Loken was known primarily as the
stunning-looking robot who nearly terminated Arnold
Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3: Rise of the
and as the lusty, revengeful vampire in
BloodRayne. She was also on our radar for her role in
the newly begun season of The L Word.

That was before
she subtly let slip to me that she and BloodRayne
costar Michelle Rodriguez were more than just friends. Now
newspaper columnists and the blogosphere have
transformed her into something else. Forget Portia and
Ellen, Melissa and Tammy Lynn, Rosie and Kelli:
Kristanna is suddenly half of the hottest celesbian couple
in the land.

But we’ll
return to Lokuez (Kristelle? Michanna?) later. A revelation
of that sort wasn’t what I had in mind when I
arrived at Loken’s homey two-story house in
Burbank, Calif., on the morning after Halloween to
talk about The L Word. The 27-year-old actress
answered the door in a towel, fresh out of the shower.
Having wet hair and wearing no makeup—nor
almost anything else—only enhanced Loken’s
5-foot-11 Nordic good looks. Combined with her
unaffected personality, it was impossible not to like
her immediately.

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