WATCH: Google Employees in Marriage Equality Video

WATCH: Google Employees in Marriage Equality Video

A new video from social media campaign features Google employees talking about the importance of marriage equality with less than two weeks to go before the referendums in four states.

Voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington will vote on marriage-related initiatives on November 6. The issue has never won at the ballot, but current polling indicates the long losing streak could end this year.

In the new video, the Google employees talk about marriage equality in terms political and personal.

“This is going to be the civil rights issue of our generation,” says one employee.

Another says, “My partner and I are actually engaged, and finding a way to get married right now is kind of tough.”

The video was produced by the same team that created Google’s popular It Gets Better video, according to a news release from uses social media to engage supporters, particularly young people, about the four ballot initiatives.

“We are excited to have the creative genius of Google employees as a part of our campaign,” said Brian Ellner, a co-founder of “In thirteen short days, if we work hard and do everything we can, if we talk to friends and family about why marriage matters, we can make history and win all four ballot measures, and this remarkable short video from Google employees will help.”

Watch the video below.  


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