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WATCH: The Moment of Victory in Minnesota

WATCH: The Moment of Victory in Minnesota

Early morning Wednesday, the vote on the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota still appeared too close to call. Minnesotans United for All Families campaign manager Richard Carlbom prepared to end the night by telling supporters word of the outcome might not arrive until daylight.

In the following video, Carlbom reviews the milestones of the campaign’s progress, including calls to 900,000 people, 400,000 doors knocked on, and help from 27,000 volunteers, all in the final week.

Then, as Carlbom begins to finish his speech, campaign communications director Kelly Schwinghammer breaks in with the announcement that the Associated Press has called the contest for their side.

Watch the exact moment as Carlbom launches into celebration, and the crowd cheers. 

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