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WATCH: Navy Chaplain Says Voting for Marriage Equality Tantamount to Crucifying Jesus

WATCH: Navy Chaplain Says Voting for Marriage Equality Tantamount to Crucifying Jesus

On the David Pakman Show yesterday, noted homophobe and former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt said that recent votes in Maine, Maryland, and Washington legalizing marriage equality were tantamount to the vote taken to crucify Jesus Christ.

"Are we looking, here, at popular votes for gay marriage leading to destruction of the planet?" Asked Pakman, who makes a habit of inviting right-wing theorists on his show to put their extreme views on display and challenge them.

Klingenschmitt tried to backpedal, saying Pakman was misquoting him.

"Not only does the Bible say that homosexuality is a sin that will lead to the destruction of those who partake in it," said Klingenschmitt. "It ultimately also condemns the people who lend their voice of approval to that sinful lifestyle."

Pakman asked if that meant voters who approved marriage equality would be responsible for bringing about the end of days. 

"[Elections] are not an indication of Godly morality," the chaplain continues. "In the Bible, the only time an election was held in the New Testament, was the time they took a vote to crucify Jesus Christ, and release Barnabas instead of Jesus."

Reminding Pakman that he is based in Colorado, where voters just legalized marijuana for recreational use by adults 21 and older, Klingenschmitt said that God will be the ultimate decider on the fate of humanity, regardless of how real humans actually vote.

"If the people want to vote destruction onto themselves, or the ability to destroy their own bodies with AIDS or with drugs, or with sexually transmitted disesases, or even to destroy their own soul with demonic possession, I think they can vote for that," Klingenschmitt said. "They can vote to crucify Jesus, in a sense."

Watch the entire interview below. 

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