WATCH: Minn. Rep. Sings to Celebrate Marriage Equality

WATCH: Minn. Rep. Sings to Celebrate Marriage Equality

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, a Democrat representing the state's third district, filmed a special musical tribute to his constituents on Wednesday, celebrating the fact that as of Thursday, Minnesotans live in a state that embraces marriage equality. 

Same-sex couples in Minnesota began marrying in midnight ceremonies on Thursday — and by the end of the day, more than 100 couples had legally tied the knot, according to Minnesota's Pioneer Press.

After strumming a guitar while singing "This Land Is Your Land," Ellison offered a heartfelt congratulations to all Minnesotans who stood up for equality. 

"It's all going off tomorrow because people got involved, because people got active, because people did not sit back and wait for something to happen, nor did they cry about bad things that were happening," said the congressman enthusiastically. "They got involved, they got engaged, they made a compelling case to the Minnesota people, and the Minnesota people said 'Do your thing.' And so you go do it, you go be happy, you go marry who you love, you go live your life for liberty and justice for all."

Watch Ellison's message below. 


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