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Marriage Equality

WATCH: Hawaii House Committee, Opponents Debate Marriage Equality

WATCH: Hawaii House Committee, Opponents Debate Marriage Equality


The Aloha State continues its march to becoming the 15th to embrace marriage equality.

After the Hawaii State Senate approved Senate Bill 1, the Marriage Equality Act, Wednesday, the state House also passed the bill on its first reading, moving it to the House Committees on Judiciary and Finance, reports Hawaii News Now.

Although several conservative lawmakers made repeated attempts to kill the bill, it ultimately passed the Democrat-controlled chamber, sending it to the House Judiciary Committee, where lawmakers began hearing public testimony at 10 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutian time. Given the thousands of people who had already signed up to testify about the legislation, observers expect the testimony to run until at least midnight. Watch a livestream of the testimony through Hawaii News Now here.

If the bill passes the House Judiciary, as it's expected to, it will go back to the House for a full floor vote, where supporters anticipate a close vote. If the bill passes, it will go to supportive Gov. Neil Abercrombie for his signature, and same-sex weddings could begin on the islands November 18.

Opponents of marriage equality have generally turned out in greater numbers to testify at the hearings this week, although the legislation is still expected to become law. One antigay activist who didn't testify, though, published his homophobic rhetoric in a Vimeo video instead.

Jim Hochberg, the president of Hawaii Family Advocates, published a bizarre video clip claiming that marriage equality will not only lead to polygamy (which he misspells in his video), but also to "self-marriage."

Employing classic slippery-slope tactics, Hochberg claims that if marriage equality becomes law in Hawaii, bisexual people will demand to be married to four people simultaneously,

"If marriage is a civil right, and it is somehow wrong for the state of Hawaii not to allow homosexual couples to get married, you have to ask yourself the question, 'Where does it end?' Well, where does it stop?" says Hochberg in his one-minute video. "If it's a civil right, there's no way to stop it, it never ends. I mean, I read on the Internet that a woman somewhere married herself because she had her inner groom. And it's just getting ridiculous."

Then Hochberg asks his supporters to call their legislators and demand that the civil rights a minority be put to a majority vote.

Examine Hochberg's absurdity for yourself below.

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