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Wis. Marriages Likely to Halt Today

Wis. Marriages Likely to Halt Today

The federal judge who struck down Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage is likely to halt such marriages in most of the state this afternoon, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb found last Friday that the ban violated the U.S. Constitution, but she did not issue an injunction against its enforcement. Most of the state’s counties have been issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples since then, even though Wisconsin attorney general J.B. Van Hollen says county clerks may be violating the law with their actions.

At a hearing this afternoon, Crabb did not issue such an injunction but said she would do so soon, possibly later today; however, she will probably put it on hold while the state appeals her ruling against the ban, the Journal Sentinel reports. “I’ll try to make whatever I decide plain, clear, understandable,” she said. She did not indicate whether the same-sex marriages that have already taken place will remain legally valid.

Check back for updates.

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