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WATCH: New Nordstrom Commercial Includes Same-Sex Couples

WATCH: New Nordstrom Commercial Includes Same-Sex Couples

The latest commercial from Nordstrom appears to be following in the footsteps of JC Penney, Microsoft, and several other well-known companies that included same-sex couples in their ads.

However, unlike other companies who have been setting the standard for LGBT-inclusive advertising, “Nordstrom: The Ultimate Wedding Party” is particularly subtle with its inclusion.

Though it appears two of the wedding parties in the commercial for Nordstrom’s wedding boutique are for same-sex couples, their inclusion can be easily missed or even interpreted as members of the parties for their straight counterparts.

Nevertheless, the inclusion of LGBT allies Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is a respectable nod to marriage equality as well.

Watch the video below to see if you feel the ad is a bold move by Nordstrom, or a weak attempt at inclusion.

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