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Hypocrite Matt Gaetz Is Trying to Oust Speaker McCarthy for Working with Dems

Hypocrite Matt Gaetz Is Trying to Oust Speaker McCarthy for Working with Dems

Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy

The unprecedented move by the Florida congressman escalates internal GOP warfare, putting Speaker McCarthy’s leadership under siege amid budgetary negotiations.


The political saga within the GOP took a tumultuous turn as firebrand Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz formally introduced a resolution on Monday evening, seeking to dethrone Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position of power.

This audacious move, as reported byThe Washington Post, has rattled the cages within the Republican party, igniting fears of an internal civil war and a potential standstill in the House.

Gaetz’s bone of contention lies in McCarthy’s allegedly cozy dealings with the Democrats, particularly over spending legislation. The crux of the feud unraveled over the weekend when McCarthy failed to garner sufficient Republican support to pass proposals for government funding that included anti-LGBTQ+ riders and other poison pills, resorting to Democratic votes instead to help pass a temporary fix, a continuing resolution. This action drew the ire of Gaetz and his hard-right comrades, prompting the resolution that now threatens to upend the GOP’s already fragile unity.

The lawmaker, however, was reportedly also in talks with Democrats last week in order to sack McCarthy. An anti-LGBTQ+ representative, Gaetz reportedly initiated private discussions with several Democrats to discuss removing McCarthy as Speaker, according to Politico. For Gaetz, it seems it's only okay to collude with Democrats when targeting McCarthy, but not to avoid a government shutdown.

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McCarthy, however, remains unyielding amid the turmoil.

In a defiant response on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter, he responded, “Bring it on,” showcasing his resolve to withstand the internal onslaught led by Gaetz.

The ripple effects of Gaetz’s resolution are far-reaching. The Washington Post detailed the palpable tension within the Republican ranks, with many fearing the catastrophic fallout of a successful ouster. This fratricidal clash, they argue, could lead to paralysis in the House, stalling crucial legislative processes.

On the flip side, this confrontation forced McCarthy and his allies into a precarious dance with Democrats, whose role could be decisive in retaining or ousting McCarthy.

Before the storm, McCarthy affirmed that he had not sought Democratic assistance, stating, “No, no, no, I haven’t talked to Democrats.”

Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, a North Carolina Republican and close ally of McCarthy echoed this sentiment and advised against offering concessions to Democrats in exchange for their support.

As the GOP grapples with this self-inflicted predicament, Democrats are cautiously weighing their options. The potential to steer the outcome places them in a powerful position, yet the consensus, as of now, leans towards not bailing McCarthy out unless certain concessions are made. The unfolding drama hints at a possible coalition, where McCarthy might have to sideline hard-line conservatives to legislate from a centrist stance, a notion that doesn’t sit well with Gaetz and his faction.

Uncertainty shrouds the GOP’s next course of action as the resolution looms. Gaetz, undeterred, believes his motion unveils the veiled allegiance of McCarthy, saying post-filing, “If he’s able to stay in power, it will be him working for the Democrats, continuing to do their bidding.”

The repercussions of this internal strife could potentially hamper the government’s functioning with the looming threat of another government shutdown on November 17. Gaetz’s crusade, viewed by some as a hypocritical endeavor, juxtaposes the GOP’s struggle to maintain a cohesive front against the Democrats, unveiling a fractious reality that could define the party’s image as the nation inches closer to the 2024 general election.

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