WATCH: Howard Kurtz on His Erroneous Jason Collins Column

WATCH: Howard Kurtz on His Erroneous Jason Collins Column

Commentator Howard Kurtz spent a segment of his Reliable Sources program on CNN this morning apologizing for his erroneous column about Jason Collin’s coming-out.

Kurtz, whose Daily Beast column last week criticized Collins for not revealing that he had been engaged to a woman — when, in fact, Collins had revealed that in his coming-out piece for Sports Illustrated — said he made a “sloppy and inexcusable” mistake.

“My logic about what happened between Jason Collins and his former fiancée and what was and wasn’t disclosed, in hindsight, well, I was wrong to even raise that issue,” Kurtz said. “Also, I didn’t give him a chance to respond to my account before I wrote it and in addition my first correction was not as complete and as full as it should have been. In a video where I discussed the issue, I wrongly jokingly referred to something I shouldn’t have joked about” — saying Collins was playing “both sides of the court.”

Kurtz’s gig at Newsweek and The Daily Beast ended after the column came out, but he said it wasn’t the precipitating event and that his departure had been planned for a long time. He also took questions from two media critics, NPR’s David Folkenflik and Politico’s Dylan Byers, on today’s show.

Watch below.

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