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Gay Activists Interrupt Marco Rubio Speech

Gay Activists Interrupt Marco Rubio Speech

Activists angry at the immigration stance of Florida senator Marco Rubio interrupted his speech at Saturday's Hillsborough County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Tampa.

Rubio is part of the "Gang of 8" working to craft immigration reform legislation, but the Republican has said he will harpoon any bill that includes provisions to assist LGBT binational couples.

"Include our families in immigration reform!" the activists screamed. "All families matter!" The protesters were affiliated with the advocacy group GetEqual, and included LGBT, Latino, and immigration rights activists.

Rubio, who many pundits believe has presidential ambitions, is hostile towards gay rights. He is trying to woo Latino voters, but it's not clear that holding up immigration reform by throwing LGBT binational couples under the bus will help his reputation. Recent polls found that 64% of Latino voters support including same-sex binational couples in immigration reform.

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