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WATCH: Refusal to Put Antigay Message on Cake Is 'Intolerant,' Says Right-Winger

WATCH: Refusal to Put Antigay Message on Cake Is 'Intolerant,' Says Right-Winger


Conservative Christian Theodore Shoebat says he asked for 'an explicitly anti-homosexual marriage cake' and couldn't get one.

Antigay activist Theodore Shoebat has conducted an experiment in cake-shopping that he claims proves "how militant and intolerant the homosexual agenda is."

Shoebat, the son of fellow right-wing Christian extremist Walid Shoebat, writes at that he "called some 13 prominent bakers who are pro-gay and requested that they make a pro-traditional marriage cake with the words 'Gay marriage is wrong' placed on the cake. Each one denied us service, and even used deviant insults and obscenities against us. One baker even said that she would make me a cookie with a large phallus on it. We recorded all of this in a video that will stun the American people as to how militant and intolerant the homosexual agenda is."

He continues, "If anyone who objects saying that our request for the cake was hateful, this is exactly the type of thing the homosexual activists do to Christian bakeries when they use the state to coerce them to make a cake with an explicitly anti traditional marriage slogans on it. Well, to turn it against them, we asked for an explicitly anti-homosexual marriage cake."

Some commenters have pointed out that ordering a cake that celebrates a same-sex wedding doesn't amount to making a statement against "traditional," that is, male-female marriage. "If the bakeries had refused to make a cake for a 'traditional' wedding, stating that to do so would conflict with their 'deeply held homosexual beliefs' then he'd have reason to complain," writes one reader of Towleroad's story on Shoebat. "Asking these gay-supportive bakeries to bake a cake that says GAY MARRIAGE IS WRONG is not analogous to a 'christian' baker refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding."

A commenter on YouTube, where Shoebat posted the two-part video Friday, asks, "Why are you ignoring that there is a difference between being denied a cake because of your sexuality and because you want a hateful message written on a cake? Bakeries have also in the past refused to decorate a cake to say 'Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler.'"

Watch both video segments below and see what you think.

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