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False Reports of Trans Bathroom Harassment Circulate

False Reports of Trans Bathroom Harassment Circulate

Fox News has reported that a transgender student at Florence High School in Colorado was harassing other students in the bathroom. But there is no such case.

The news network's reporting was based on a Daily Mail article, which was based on a Christian Broadcasting Network report, according to Media Matters. The Daily Mail article was eventually taken down once it was revealed that the school's transgender student has had no complaints against her from other students now that she is using the girls' bathroom.

Instead, Transadvocate interviewed school superintendent Rhonda Vendetti, who said a parent was worried that the transgender student might start harassing others while in the facilities.

"This is one parent basically bringing their viewpoint about this situation to the media because they weren't getting the responses that they hoped they would get from the district, from parents of students at the high school, or from the board and myself," Vendetti told Transadvocate. "So I think it's just an attempt to elevate the situation to a point where maybe some more attention can be drawn to that in the hope of having a different outcome."

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