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PHOTOS: L.A. Pride in West Hollywood

The history of TLGB Pride celebrations is uniquely Los Angeles’s because of Christopher Street West. It was CSW that produced the world’s first Pride parade, on Hollywood Boulevard in 1970.

In 1979 the parade moved to West Hollywood, and now, 44 years later, the parade and festival in West Hollywood Park are some of the largest and best attended in the nation

Thanks to the talented photographer Tommy Wu, we have some great photos of the participants in the parade and the fun-loving crowd. See more of Tommy's work on his site, his Tumblr page, and his Facebook page.

Pridela 2014 001x633 0
Our version of rolling out the red carpet.

Pridela 2014 033x633 0
Looks like the weather was pretty nice.

Pridela 2014 003x633 0
Even the cleanup crew is glamorous in Los Angeles.


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