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PHOTOS: What D.C. Looks Like During Pride

PHOTOS: What D.C. Looks Like During Pride

What is now called Capital Pride traces its history to the first LGBT festival in Washington, D.C., which was held in 1975. That year Deacon Maccubbin, who owned Lambda Rising bookstore, organized a one-day community block party on 20th Street N.W., which was then the location of the bookstore.

In 1997 Whitman-Walker Clinic joined One in Ten as a cosponsor of the festival. The event was renamed Capital Pride and the street festival was moved onto Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. In 2002 Whitman-Walker moved the parade to occur in the early evening on the Saturday before the festival, while the festival continued on Sunday afternoon. In late 2006 Whitman-Walker began exploring options for another entity to produce Capital Pride, thereby allowing the clinic to focus on its core mission of providing health care.

A group consisting of members of the existing Pride Planning Committee formed the Capital Pride Alliance in December 2007, and in January 2008 won the right to become the sole producer of Capital Pride. The 2008 Capital Pride celebration was the last one that was produced by Whitman-Walker Clinic. The Capital Pride Alliance Inc., which we now refer to as Capital Pride, independently produced the 2009 and 2010 celebrations, and continues as the steward for Capital Pride.

Check out Tim Evanston's photostream on Flickr for more great photos.

The U.S. Armed Forces color guard. This chokes us up.


A representative of the Academy of Washington contingent. Rainbow enough for you?

Retired pro footballer and fierce LGBT ally Chris Kluwe.


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