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PHOTOS: San Francisco Celebrates LGBT History

Out of the Past: Celebrating LGBT History in San Francisco took place in the City by the Bay earlier this month, bringing together nearly 500 attendees who gathered at the historic Old Mint for a look at San Francisco’s unique queer history and culture. Several important speakers were on hand, including Zoe Dunning and Stuart Milk (nephew of Harvey Milk), plus performance groups such as Cheer San Francisco and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. Panels from the AIDS Quilt were on display, and proceeds from the evening benefited FlipSide, an arm of the S.F. Museum and Historical Society dedicated to engaging youth, as well as Project Open Hand, a nonprofit that provides meals to seniors and ill people. Take a look at photos from the event, courtesy of Clayton Hill, on the following pages.

Hanging The AIDS Quilt In The Historic Old Mint
Hanging the AIDS Quilt in the historic Old Mint.

SF Gay Mens Chorus Who Performed
The S.F. Gay Men’s Chorus performed at the event.

Donna Sachet Presenting A History Of DRAG
Donna Sachet presenting a history of drag.

Stuart Milk Speaking About The Legacy Of His Uncle And The Work He Is Doing In Eastern Europe For LGBT Rights
Stuart Milk speaking about the legacy of his uncle and the work he is doing in Eastern Europe for LGBT rights.

Volunteers For Project Open Hand, A Beneficiary Of The Night
Volunteers for Project Open Hand, a beneficiary of the night.

CheerSF Performing
Cheer San Francisco performing.

Garrett Hayashida, Richard Merrill (chair Of The Event), Walter Crump
Garrett Hayashida, Richard Merrill (chair of the event), and Walter Crump.

One Of Many Archival Displays Of Local LGBT Groups
One of many archival displays from LGBT groups.
Todd Stein Co Chair Of Flipside With MC And Presentor Donna Sachet
Todd Stein, cochair of FlipSide, with emcee and presenter Donna Sachet.

The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence Who Also Had An Archical Display
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who also had an archival display.

Zoe Dunning And Bob Dockendorff Speaking About DADT
Zoe Dunning and Bob Dockendorff speaking about "don't ask, don't tell."

Party Guests In The AIDS Quilt Room
Party guests in the AIDS Quilt room.

Ian Hunter, Johnnie Thompson, Cip Cipriano, Okan Sengun
Ian Hunter, Johnnie Thompson, Cip Cipriano, and Okan Sengun.

Josh Stein, Garrett Hayashida, PD Thomas, John Alter
Josh Stein, Garrett Hayashida, P.D. Thomas, and John Alter.

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