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Man Wants Job at NYPD, Says Gays Should Be Locked Up

Man Wants Job at NYPD, Says Gays Should Be Locked Up


Should gay people be locked up? When a potential applicant for the New York Police Academy answered yes to that question, he was turned away.

And now the New York Post reports that the Muslim-American who lost that potential job is anonymously suing the NYPD, claiming religious discrimination.

This question of whether discrimination is actually religious liberty is surfacing all over the country, with a New Mexico court ruling earlier this month that a wedding photographer couldn't cite the Bible as a reason to deny service to a customer because of a state anti-discrimination law.

And in several cases of school teachersusing Facebook to broadcast statements against same-sex marriage and homosexuality in general, lawyers have argued it's free speech that shouldn't lead to losing their jobs.

The lawyer in the New York case also argues religious freedom in the Post's story, saying that a history of advocating for jailing gay people doesn't allow the NYPD to "discriminate against someone because they have a view you do not like."

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