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Antigay Pastor Charles Worley Spewed Hate in 1978

Antigay Pastor Charles Worley Spewed Hate in 1978

Decades before antigay pastor Charles Worley said lesbians and "queers and the homosexuals" should be rounded up, placed in camps surrounded by electric fences and left to die "so the won't reproduce," the pastor  described other violently homophobic acts against gay people during a sermon.

"...Forty years ago, they would've hung 'em -- bless God -- from a white oak tree," Worley said in a 1978 sermon that the Providence Road Baptist Church has posted on its website, according to Good As You.

Worley's preaching gained international attention after a recent sermon where, among other things, he claimed he wouldn't vote for a "baby killer and a homosexual lover," meaning President Obama, who voiced his support for marriage equality earlier this month. 

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