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WATCH: Elton John and Jamie Foxx Talk Homeless LGBT Youth

WATCH: Elton John and Jamie Foxx Talk Homeless LGBT Youth

Elton John, Jamie Foxx, and other luminaries appear in a moving public service announcement in support of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, which is drawing attention to the issue of homeless LGBT youth in Los Angeles.

Directed by Trent Kendrick and produced by Michael Fossat, the short film follows a young boy who is thrown out of his house by his parents after they discover he is gay. The PSA, titled Any Given Tuesday, shows the boy forced into a series of heartbreaking scenarios, including prostitution, drugs, and attempted suicide, which is the terrible road many youth must face once they are forced to live on the streets. According to the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, 40% of the city’s homeless population is LGBT youth.

Jamie Foxx, Lisa Ling, James Wood, Elton John, and David Furnish appear in the PSA to raise awareness of this issue. Actor David Millbern, producer and costar of Here TV's upcoming sitcom From HERE on OUT, also lends his talents in the short film to support the cause.

Inspired by the PSA’s message, filmmaker Roland Emmerich will host the official debut of the short film at his Los Angeles residence Saturday, along with a benefit dinner cohosted by David Geffen, Jane Lynch, Ryan Murphy, Bryan Lourd, and Dustin Lance Black.

The L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center offers a variety of services to help homeless LGBT youth, including shelter, food, medical care, education, and job placement assistance. For more information, visit the organization’s website at

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