Nike Returns To Pride Month With More Gear

Nike Returns To Pride Month With More Gear

Less than a week after the White House issued a proclamation declaring June LGBT Pride month, Nike announced its own Pride celebration: a limited collection #BETRUE line on sale starting Friday.

Up to $500k of the proceeds from the collection will go to the LGBT Sports Coalition, which works to end discrimination against LGBT athletes. In true Pride fashion, the collection will feature rainbow colored shirts and shoes.

“We are a company committed to diversity, inclusion and unleashing human potential," said Tim Hershey, Nike Vice President of Global Merchandising and Executive Chair of Nike's LGBT and Friends Employee Network, continuing “We're delighted that #BETRUE is becoming a call-to-action for all athletes to be their most authentic selves."

As public opinion towards openly gay athletes is slowly gaining steam, it seems all too appropriate for Nike to get involved with the national June Pride celebration. The company has consistently received a 100 rating on the HRC Corporate Equality Index.

Nike Be True X400
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