Adam Rippon: Proud to Be America's (Gay) Sweetheart

Adam Rippon: Proud to Be America's (Gay) Sweetheart

After wowing the Olympic judges and the media covering the games in South Korea, figure skater Adam Rippon has been embraced by the American public.

Speaking to the media this week, Rippon was asked again about his feud with homophobic Vice President Mike Pence. Rippon answered by saying, "I don't want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence. I want it to be about my amazing skating and being America's sweetheart."



Rippon's face showed that he wasn't taking himself that seriously, but Twitter was on board with the nation's possibly first-ever gay "sweetheart." (If you're wondering who America has unofficially crowned sweethearts, think of wholesome, pretty, relatable actresses like Shirley Temple, Doris Day, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston, as well as Olympic gymnasts like Mary-Lou Retton, Kerri Strug, and Simone Biles.) 


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