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Anti-LGBT Activist Won't Answer What Bathroom a Trans Woman Should Use 

travis weber, family research council

Travis Weber, a member of the anti-LGBT hate group, Family Research Council, went on MSNBC's Hardball on Friday, but refused to answer whether a trans woman belonged in a men's bathroom or a woman's bathroom. 

Chris Matthews had Jennifer Finney Boylan of I Am Cait, along with Travis Weber as guests on his program, to ask them about the Obama administration's directive that transgender students are protected by Title IX. 

"I don't think this is about bathrooms at all. I think it's about equal rights. Transgender people just want equal protection under the law. Mostly what we want is to be left alone," said Boylan, to Matthews. 

"Stop causing trouble where there's no trouble," said Boylan, explaining to Chris Matthews that there's been no reported signs of any incidents regarding transgender people attacking anyone in bathrooms, as the right wing likes to argue. 

There is overwhelming evidence nationwide that proves there has never been a single verified report of a transgender person assaulting a cisgender (nontrans) person in a bathroom or locker room, nor has there ever been a confirmed instance of someone "pretending" to be transgender to gain access to sex-segregated spaces for nefarious purposes.

Chris Matthews directed his next question at Weber, saying, "Tell her what bathroom she shoud use."

The Family Research Council member refused to answer the question. Matthews asked the same question again: "What should a transgender person who identifies as a woman do? What bathroom should they go to? Just keep it simple."

Matthews became visibly frustrated when Weber kept dodging his question. "You can't answer the question, can you?," said the MSNBC host. 

Weber finally gave Matthews a response, saying, "They can use the bathroom of their biological sex, except when there's a genuine issue, and an accomodation can be made."

The MSNBC host was unsatisfied with his response. He asked Weber, "What does that mean?"

The Family Research Council member goes on to say that the Obama administration's new policy "allows for abuse." He explains that this directive could make boys around the country pretend to be transgender in order to gain access to girl's locker rooms.

The Hardball host doesn't allow him to get away with that statement without explaining where he is getting his information from.

"When has that ever happened?," asks Matthews.

Weber refers to an incident in Canada where he alleges a man entered a gender neutral bathroom to film women.

Boylan responds to Weber's statement, saying, "The gender neutral policy in Canada? That's the best you can do?"

"This is a solution in search of a problem. What I would suggest that we do is what my mother, a Republican, evangelical Christian, suggest that we do, which is open your hearts," says Boylan to Weber. 

Watch the interview with Chris Matthews below.

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