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Piers Morgan Hates Gender-Fluid People So Much He Called a Baby 'It' on TV

Piers Morgan

The talking head purposefully and repeatedly said things to offend gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people.

Button-pushing talking head Piers Morgan has a long history of making insensitive and offensive statements about people he can't relate to, and now he's attacked gender-nonconforming and gender non-binary people in an ugly rant that is completely transparent in its phobia. He went as far as to call the gender-nonconforming/nonbinary "movement" his "pet hate" in a column for The Daily Mail.

Earlier this month in an interview on Good Morning Britain with Kori Doty, the nonbinary transgender parent of the first baby to not be assigned a gender at birth, Morgan began in offensive mode, pressing Doty to answer questions about whether they were born male or female and if they'd had gender reassignment surgery, according to HuffPost.

But Morgan's interview with Doty was not the first time he'd crossed a line into asking transphobic questions. Following a segment on his show Piers Morgan Live in 2014, Janet Mock called him out for attempting to "sensationalize" her story by focusing on the prurient minutia like conversations she'd had with her boyfriend about being transgender.

So Morgan went into his interview with Doty fully aware of language around trans issues that is considered offensive but pushed his hateful agenda anyway.

After beginning with personal questions about his interviewee's past, for which Doty chastised him, Morgan went low.

"I'm happy for you to identify any way you damn well see fit. It's fine. It's your business," Morgan said. "What I'm more concerned about is your baby having absolutely zero identity until it decides what it wants to be. Can I call it 'it'? What do you I call your baby? Is it an 'it'?"

Despite Morgan's disgusting question, Doty responded thoughtfully saying, "I use the pronouns they or their. The same pronouns I use for myself I use for my kid," which prompted Morgan to resurrect the tired discourse about "they" and "them" being plural.

As if there were any question as to his abhorrent take on gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people after he called a baby "it" on television, Morgan rehashed his stance for The Daily Mail, purposefully misgendering Doty in the process:

"My number one pet hate at the moment is the absurd 'gender fluid' movement, driven by people who don't wish to be defined as either male or female. Today, a 'non-binary gender fluid' Canadian named Kori Doty appeared on GMB to defend his/her decision to also define his/her newborn baby as nonbinary gender fluid. As we dived into the technical weeds of the debate, Mr/Mrs Doty declared: 'What someone's genitals look like when they are born does not actually give us information about their gender.'"

Later, for good measure, Morgan also tweeted his feelings.

Regarding her experience on Morgan's show in 2014, Mock said that it was her first mainstream talk show and she was out of the bubble of safety that she'd become accustomed tp when speaking to people sensitive to trans lives, but she also said, "It's also more representative of the ignorance that there is about trans people's lives." Three years later, it's time to take the platform away from Morgan, a man who clearly knows better and doesn't care.

Watch the interview with Doty below:

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