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2014's Gayest Cities in America


1. Washington, D.C. (pop. 623,323)
In many respects, D.C. is still part of the South. But this city has a whopping 17 gay elected officials, perhaps a result of its unique status as a federal district, free from the grip of a state government. Gay-friendly neighborhoods include P Street and 17th Street in the Dupont Circle area, and Logan Circle to the east. The capital’s nightlife includes the Duplex Diner and its hot bartenders (DuplexDiner.com), and show tunes, top 40, and retro pop at perennial fave JR’s Bar (1519 17th St. NW, 202-328-0090). Though they’re ostensibly right-leaning, we think hunky young pols Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Aaron Schock are subtly demonstrating their LGBT friendliness by indulging in well-known gay customs: Ryan lifts weights and exaggerates his stats (how fast was that run, Paul?), and Schock likes his shirtless photo shoots and pink fashion accessories. And we cannot overlook House Speaker John Boehner; bring extra Kleenex if you invite him over for a Nora Ephron flick on movie night.
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Honorable Mentions

15. Pittsburgh, Penn.
16. New Orleans, La.
17. Denver, Colo.
18. Tacoma, Wash.
19. Lexington, Ky.
20. Portland, Ore.
21. Las Vegas, Nev.
22. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
23. Tampa, Fla.
24. Akron, Ohio
25. Boston, Mass


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