Moscow Club Central Station to Reopen

Moscow Club Central Station to Reopen

Central Station, the Moscow LGBT nightclub that closed its doors in March after a series of attacks, is reopening in a new location, reports The Calvert Journal, a website covering Russian culture.

The club, formerly located in the city center, has found a new location in the southern part of Moscow. It will have a dance floor, video screens, a lounge area, and a summer terrace. “The concept of the previous Central Station is not lost and is even more clearly embodied in the new project,” reads a statement on the club’s website, as translated by The Calvert Journal. “The goal is to give everyone what they want.” The date for the reopening is unclear.

Central Station, Russia’s largest gay nightspot, was the target of at least three documented attacks in the six months preceding its closure. Bullets were fired at the club’s unmarked door in mid-November, and a harmful gas was released into the club about a week later. In the third attack, allegedly organized by the building management, a group of men dismantled the club’s roof in December.

In early January, the club’s CEO, Andrei Lichinsky, resigned and formally requested asylum in the U.S. He told news outlets that police refused to respond to any of his 30 complaints about attacks on the club and its patrons, and that he had personally been targeted by the local prosecutor’s office and had his car set on fire.

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