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PHOTOS: Six Stabbed at Jerusalem Pride March

Jerusalem 482373644X633 0
An Israeli man receives treatment after being stabbed at the Pride march. See more photos below.

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabbed at least six people during a Pride march in Jerusalem today, reports the Washington Blade. At least two of those victims suffered serious injuries, with one woman reportedly critically wounded. 

Calling the attack "horrific," organizing group Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance's development director Tom Canning told the Blade that at least four people were injured by the man. 

Israeli newspaper Haaretz identified the suspect as Yishai Shlissel, who stabbed three people at a Jerusalem Pride march in 2003. Shlissel was recently released from prison after serving a 10-year-sentence for attempted murder and aggravated assault related to that attack. 

Upon being released, Schlissel had returned to his hometown, where he began distributing "hand-written pamphlets in which he called on 'all Jews faithful to God' to risk 'beatings and imprisonment' for the sake of preventing the parade," according to Haaretz.

As an estimated 5,000 people gathered to mark the annual Pride celebration with a parade through the streets of Jerusalem, Schlissel approached marchers on Keren Hayesod Street and began screaming, then pulled a knife from his coat and began stabbing his victims. Haaretz notes that a police officer was able to tackle the suspect and arrest him. 

Despite the violent outburst, organizers decided to continue the march. 

This story is developing. Check back for updates. 

JERUSALEM 482387790X633 0
Israelis from religious organization Lehava demonstrate against the Pride parade with signs that say "Father, where is my mother?"

JERUSALEM 482382872X633 0
Attending to the wounded.

JERUSALEM 482387840X633 0
Israelis from religious organization Lehava demonstrate against the parade on July 30 in Jerusalem, Israel.

JERUSALEM 482373630X633 0
A crowd gathers to assist a stabbing victim.

JERUSALEM 482382400X633 0
Police arrest Yishai Shlissel, the alleged attacker.

JERUSALEM 482373914X633 0
Attack victims are transported for further care.

JERUSALEM 482382778X633 0
Pride event participants react to the stabbings.

JERUSALEM 482382960X633 0
People in the crowd react to the events.

JERUSALEM 482387744X633 0
Israeli border police cordon off the site where Yishai Shlissel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, stabbed six people taking part in a Pride march.

JERUSALEM 482387666X633 0
Some participants remained, others left the scene.

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