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These Stars Want LGBTQ Youth to Know Their Lives Matter

Paul Wesley X633 0
Paul Wesley
(The Vampire Diaries)

On why he’s proud the be an LGBTQ ally:
I have a lot of gay and lesbian fans and I’m inspired by anyone who’s willing to stand up and be themselves. That’s why I’m passionate about bringing attention to the Trevor Project. I think it’s a hotline that every young person should be aware of so that if they or a someone they know is having a hard time, there is a place they know they can reach out to who will support who they are.

Brad Goreski X633 0
Brad Goreski
(Fashion Police)

On the next step in battling bulling of LGBTQ youth:
We need to reinforce the message that no matter who you are or how you identify, you’re beautiful. So go full steam ahead into life, because the world is a really big place with so many wonderful things to offer.

Billy Eichner X633 0
Billy Eichner (left):
(Billy on the Street)

On why he’s motivated to help end bullying:
I grew up in New York, so even though I was a gay kid who loved musicals and a lot of typically gay things, it was still New York. I went to high school in Manhattan, and one of the advantages of that is it’s a very diverse city, so even though I did experience some bullying when I was young, I know what I experienced wasn’t nearly what kids in a small town experience. That’s why I like to help raise awareness for campaigns like the Trevor Project, because I know I was pretty lucky.


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