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For YouTube's 10th Birthday, the 10 Best LGBT Videos

For YouTube's 10th Birthday, the 10 Best LGBT Videos


YouTube changed a lot of things, including how people tell the world they're LGBT.

Youtube-videos-x700_0It's hard to believe that YouTube has only been around for a decade, launching in beta in May 2005. But the little video site that could -- which started with a humble zoo video taken by one of the site's three founders -- now has 300 hours of new video footage uploaded every minute and receives about 100 million page views a day, making it the third most visited site on the Internet, after Google and Facebook.

There's no shortage of cat clips and Selena Gomez videos to keep one entertained, but YouTube is also the home of much more weighty content. Thousands, if not millions, have used YouTube to come out, while presidents and dignitaries have voiced support for LGBT causes. In honor of YouTube's decade in the world, here are some of its best LGBT clips:

First we have President Obama responding to bullying and suicides and showing his support for LGBT youth. This 2010 video for the It Gets Better Project has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Hannah Hart's coming-out video wasn't the most eloquent, but it was certainly heartfelt. Over 1 million people heard how Hart's difficult upbringing made coming out a Herculean effort; many could relate.


The Rhodes brothers look like they have it all figured it out. That is, until you see Austin and Aaron try to tell their dad they're gay. The intense video almost turns coming out into art; 18.5 million agreed.

Ellen Page's public coming-out, at a Human Rights Campaign event in 2014, was a revelation. Page's eight-minute speech was eloquent, brave, and authentic. She should teach a master class in coming out.

For his fifth anniversary of taking testosterone, trans man Skye documented his transition in a straightforward, clear-eyed video that showed anyone unfamiliar with such issues that it's simply a human experience.

BuzzFeed often gets criticized for its silly listicles, but the site doesn't ignore weightier issues, including coming out. The site's touching video about coming out to immigrant parents is tasteful and moving.


Love him or hate him, it's hard to argue with this video from YouTube sensation Davey Wavey. In it, Davey talks with his mom about his 2001 coming-out; don't we all wish we had a mom like this!

Maybe don't watch Ebony and Denise's video when you're trudging to work on Monday (it's a little bouncy), but at the right moment, it's pretty darn sweet. The lesbian moms share their coming-out story in this video that was made in collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign.

So many people participated in the It Gets Better Project, but we'll remember Ellen DeGeneres's video because (1) it's Ellen and (2) it's truly heartfelt. Ellen is the world's most famous jokester, but she's not afraid to get serious. Her IGB video has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

The best LGBT videos aren't always so heavy. The glittery gays took over YouTube in 2008, performing flawless renditions of Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Where's your video?

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