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WATCH: Conservatives Sing the Blues Over Portrayal of Antigay Bigotry on Nashville

WATCH: Conservatives Sing the Blues Over Portrayal of Antigay Bigotry on Nashville


Right-wing bloggers aren't happy about the way homophobic bigotry is being portrayed in the popular ABC show.

Conservative news organizations don't like it when antigay bigotry is called out, as evidenced yesterday in NewsBusters' coverage of a recent episode of the ABC prime-time show Nashville.

On Wednesday night's episode of the show -- which chronicles all of the drama surrounding the personal lives of singer-songwriters in America's country music capital -- Will Lexington, a gay singer played by Chris Carmack, calls out the hypocrisy of another singer by the name of Wade Cole (played by Josh Coxx) who wants to use a song of Lexington's but avoided being photographed with him at a recent event. "I wasn't sure you were too comfortable with me," Lexington says.

"I'm not gonna lie. You've chosen a lifestyle that most of my fans have trouble with," says Cole, also noting that the donors to his wife's faith-based charitable organization wouldn't like seeing him with a gay person. Cole is also revealed to have been a supporter of California's Proposition 8, which revoked marriage equality in the state until it was struck down in court. In another scene Lexington says he'd prefer not to work with a person who holds such views.

Instead of seeing the Lexington character's words as an expression of legitimate concern about working with a someone who has an antigay track record, NewsBusters writer Erik Soderstrom called his dialogue a "rant."

Regarding Prop. 8, Soderstrom wrote, "Hollywood is still seeking vengeance and continues trying to hound supporters out of polite society. ... According to [Lexington], if you support traditional marriage, you obviously want to round up homosexuals and exile them from the country."

The conservative news site, which is self-described as "exposing and combating liberal media bias," also sought to equate having apprehensions with people who are aligned with an anti-LGBT history with automatically thinking everyone is a bigot.

"Back in the real world, I doubt the average music fan can tell you the name of the songwriter who penned their favorite artist's latest anthem, much less his sexual orientation," Soderstrom wrote. "Most of them are probably more concerned with the music."

Watch clips from the most recent episode of Nashville in the videos below.

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