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Lena Dunham's Documentary on Genderqueer Fashion Debuts at Sundance

Lena Dunham

The film features Dunham's genderqueer sister Grace, whom Dunahm calls the most interesting person she knows. 

Lena Dunham's new HBO documentary "Suited," about queer-friendly tailors Bindle & Keep, features her own genderqueer sister and is set to premiere at the Sundance Flim Festival today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dunham, who is best known for writing, directing and starring in the HBO show Girlsis co-producing the film, which follows customers of the Brooklyn-based bespoke suit company, including Dunham's younger sister Grace.

"My sister is the subject of the documentary and is somebody who has always had a complex relationship to gender," Dunham said during a press interview with The Wrap at Sundance this weekend. "She's been trying to figure out her own pronouns and she said finally she settled back on the term she and she said because 'I realized, you know, when I'm out in the world, when I'm in my suit, when I'm inhabiting my life 'she' can contains multitudes. 'She' can contain many meanings.'"

Custom suit makers Bindle & Keep are known for enabling a multitude of genders to express identity. The shop exists among a growing group of tailors that cater to masculine-of-center and transgender customers joining shops including Saint Harridan and Haute Butch.

Around three years ago, Bindle & Keep began cultivating a consciously trans-friendly approach after clothier Rae Tutera started a conversation with Bindle & Keep owner David Friedman, according to a clip from "Suited."

"I started this company thinking that you know I would do a bunch of dudes," Freidman tells Dunham's sister Grace, as she is fitted for a suit. "I would make a bunch of money doing the wall street crowd. Then you never know where you are going to end up. Rae has changed my life, like there is no question that if I did not meet Rae my life would be less meaningful."

In a New York Times interview, Tutera said she identifies as navigating "a very tiny space that exists between being a butch dyke and being a trans man." Dunham described her sister Grace as "A gender non-conforming person born in a woman's body with a radical attitude about what life can be."

"She's the coolest person I know," Dunham said.

Watch a clip from "Suited" and an interview with Lena Dunham about the film:

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