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In the Galleries: Trans Time

In the Galleries: Trans Time

Curator Ianna Book, in collaboration with Marie-Claude G. Olivier and Virginie Jourdain, presents "Trans Time," an exhibit that celebrates the growth of trans culture. Opening Thursday at 2031 Parthenais, in Montrea; entry is free and the show runs to October 2. One the following pages, get a glimpse of what's in store.

Participating artists include:  Alec Butler, Toronto; Amos Mac, New York; C.W., Toronto; Z. F., Bath, Canada; Heather Cassils, Los Angeles; Ianna Book, Montreal; Jj Levine, Montreal; Can, J’vlyn D’ark, Montreal; Kama La Mackerel, Montreal; Kris Grey, New York; Leon Mostovoy, Los Angeles; Morgan Sea, Montreal; Rae Spoon, Montreal; Raphaële Frigon, Montreal; Rémy Huberdeau, Montreal; Rhys Ernst, Los Angeles; Sam B. Atman, Paris; Yishay Garbasz, Berlin; and Zackary Drucker, Los Angeles.

For more information:

Kris Grey Suspicious Packages 2013x633 0
Kris Grey, Suspicious Packages, 2013

Amos Mac Kelly And Spencer Naked And Kissing 2013x633 0
Amos Mac, Kelly and Spencer Naked and Kissing, 2013

Alec Butler  Audreys Beard 2002x633 0
Alec Butler, Audrey's Beard, 2002

Ianna Book Trans The Notion Of Risk 2014x633 0
Ianna Book, Trans & The Notion of Risk, 2014

Zackary Drucker She Gone Rougue 2012 Vaginal Davis X633 0
Zackary Drucker & Rhys Ernst, She Gone Rogue (Vaginal Davis), 2012, film, Luis De Jesus

Raphaele Frigon Input Socially Mediated Identity 2014x633 0
Raphaele Frigon, Input: Socially Mediated Identity, 2014

Leon Mostovoy Transfigure 2014x633 0
Leon Mostovoy, Transfigure, 2014
Tags: Art, Transgender

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