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In the Studio: Darren Jones

Darren Jones lives and works on Fire Island. Both the natural tranquility of the island and the wit of its habitués seem to inform his work. See his Artist Spotlight from last year, and see what he has been up to recently on the following pages. For more information on Jones, please see his website.

DJ 01 0
Website, 2014
Web, thistle seeds, variable dimensions
"Seeds were woven together to form letters, and attached to the spider web to spell 'offline.' I happened to walk by later, just as the spider was dismantling my artwork and tossing the letters to the ground, rightly so. I was able to film the spider in action."

DJ 02 0

Website (film still; detail with spider)

DJ 03 0
Fire Island Light (still image), 2014, film
Varying forms of light that illuminate, reveal, and contribute to the enchantment of Fire Island, including lightning, moonlight, decorative lights, and morning sunlight.

DJ 04 0
Extant, 2013
Ink on paper, 8" x 11"
From a series of interventions on well-known phrases, using punctuation to alter the meaning.

DJ 05 0
Art World Anagrams, 2014
Text, variable dimensions
Art world phrases and idioms, anagramatized into different iterations, and revealing alternative truths.


Tags: Art, Photography

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