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The Art of Romance

Even within our LGBT niche, we have a wide variety of ways to express our love connection to each other. From a grazing of knuckles while out on an afternoon walk to something a little darker that requires sophisticated equipment, our artists depict a spectrum of same-sex attractions.

IK08 0
Tattoo love

From: The Dark, Hairy, Raunchy World of inkedKenny
The men in inkedKenny's upcoming book of photography have a salty, experienced patina of sweat, sex, and something that looks like it smells great.

IndiaLesbianWeddingx633 0
A wedding in India

From: All Love Is Equal
In time for Valentine's Day, Braden Summers shares his latest deliriously romantic images, taken around the world.

Vellekoop10 0
A community dance.

From: The Erogenous Art of Maurice Vellekoop
As part of Manchester Pride Fringe, illustrations, underground comics, and contemporary erotica by Maurice Vellekoop will be shown in his first European solo exhibition.


Tags: Art, Photography

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