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In the Galleries: Masculine Masters

In the Galleries: Masculine Masters


Recent male figurative art on exhibit at the MooiMan male art gallery.

This spring the MooiMan male art gallery in the Netherlands mounts a three-part series of exhibitions focusing on new male figurative work. Part 1: "Masculine Masters: The New Figurative Men" inludes work by Daniel Barkley (Canada), Ivo Blanck (Germany), Cornelius McCarthy (U.K.), Danny Cobbaut (Belgium), Alberto Escobar (El Salvador), and R.A. (Russia). Through April 1.

Masculine Masters, Part 1
Galerie MooiMan
Noorderstationsstraat 40, 9717 KP Groningen, the Netherlands

Mm-ra-step-ladderx633_0Stepladder, R.A. (remains anonymous)

Mm-ra-sittingx633_0Sitting, R.A. (remains anonymous)

Mm-ra-club-dancerx633_0Club Dancer, R.A. (remains anonymous)

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4174x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4168x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4161x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4165x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4170x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4173x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4171x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4159x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4172x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-danny-cobbaut-4164x633_0 Danny Cobbaut

Mm-ivo-blanck-athletex633_0Athlete, Ivo Blanck

Mm-ivo-blanck-hockenderx633_1Hockender, Ivo Blanc

Male Fragments, Ivo Blanck

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