Kevin Keller’s Wedding Cover Revealed

Kevin Keller’s Wedding Cover Revealed

Archie Comics has revealed that gay character Kevin Keller’s marriage will not only be mainstream comics’ first same-sex union, it will also be interracial.

The comics company has unveiled the cover of the January issue of Life With Archie, a series dealing with the post–high school lives of Archie and his friends in the town of Riverdale, showing Kevin and his African-American husband, Clay Walker, in front of a “Just Married” banner.

Kevin, the son of a military officer, becomes a soldier himself as an adult, is wounded in action, and Clay is one of the hospital staffers treating him. The wedding issue portrays their story in flashback. Archie Comics co-CEO Jon Goldwater recently told Comics Alliance, “This story touches upon a number of topical issues, including [‘don’t ask don’t tell’], gay marriage, and really connects with my overarching message about Riverdale: It’s a safe place that is welcoming to everyone, and will always be that.”

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