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Victoria Jackson's at It Again

Victoria Jackson's at It Again


Former Saturday Night Live comedian and current wingnut Victoria Jackson devoted the most recent episode of her Web show to attacking gay people once again.

Jackson, who may be obsessed with all things gay, starts the show by singing a strange song about how society praises lesbians and scorns subarbanites. "Nobody respects a suburbanite, they think you settled for the lowest form of life," Jackson sings. "But, oh, if you're a lesbian, you would be so cool, breaking every rule. If you want to get a kick, you kiss your lover on the street and knock the Baptist off their feet."

Appearing on the actual show, which appears to be produced on a bare-bones budget, are Jackson and her African-American cohost Sonja Schmidt, who Jackson calls her "coffee-colored sidekick." Appearing as a guest is Gary DeMar, the president of American Christian, a nonprofit organization with a vision of "an America that recognizes the sovereignty of God over all of life and where Christians are engaged in every facet of society." DeMar and Jackson attack gay people, calling them "irrational, immoral," and "unnatural." They also throw barbs at Dan Savage and gay pride parades. Watch the show below.

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